Morgan Obenreder

Actress. Daydreamer.
Made in Pennsylvania.
One of the hottest young actresses in the biz! Haren Yong "Actress Obsession"

The brightest spot in the film is definitely Michelle’s daughter Dara (Morgan Obenreder) She exudes style and panache… Morgan has a bright future in acting and seems to put 120 percent of her effort in. Dan's Movie Report: Review of "Bound"

Morgan Obenreder is a sensational actress in the role of Crystal! SoapHub talks "Y&R"

The Young and the Restless

CBS Network
Morgan Obenreder plays Crystal Porter, a girl trying to escape with her life!

Double Mommy

You try having 2 babies from 2 different daddies simultaneously!

NCIS Fanatic Live! Interview

Tuesday January 19, 2016 John Lobban over at NCIS Fanatic Live! contacted me about coming on for an interview before and after the episode of NCIS I was featured in aired on TV. He and his partner, Michelle, were so much fun to talk to! Thanks again to them for having...


January 2016 I had the privilege of guest starring as "Navy Seaman Mary Burk" on an episode of NCIS at the beginning of this year. The cast and crew were simply the best! You can check out the episode on Amazon or iTunes! It is episode 13 of Season 13 and it's called...

Hitting the festivals for RZ-9

September 2015 Rz-9 has had a successful run in the festival circuit! I attendedĀ the Action on Film Festival to celebrate the success with the RZ-9 team. I was also honored with a nomination for "Best Actress in a Feature Film" from the Northeast Film Festival!  ...

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